Services Offered at NHS

CIS Services Offered at NHS

Mentoring-  Site coordinator assigns a member of the community to meet one day each week for 45 minutes to one hour on campus during the school day to help the same student with class work, set goals, offer support and encourage them to succeed. Mentors are asked to commit to meeting for the duration of the entire school year.

Homework Center/Tutoring- Tutors are provided when available to assist students with homework during iNvest, lunch periods, or and after school as arranged.

Social Services and Referrals-  CIS can provide school supplies, clothing, basic needs like emergency food or hygiene items, vouchers for eye exams and glasses, Medical and Dental Referrals, counseling and other community agency referrals, and Holiday Assistance to qualifying families when resources are available. We also have a weekend snack assistance program for case-managed students on Free/Reduced lunch.

College/Financial Aid- CIS works alongside the counseling office, GoCenter, and other staff to ensure that special events and informational meetings are available to parents of students who are interested in attending college after high school. CIS also sponsors field trips to colleges throughout the school year and during summer program. CIS provides one-on-one assistance and group assistance to case-managed students in applying for scholarships, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), and college applications.

Field Trips- University of North Texas, AT&T corporate offices, among others

Parent Education- In partnership with the district, CIS provides classes for parents on many things, including helping students go to college, talking to students about important life issues, and referrals for immigration services.

Home visits

... And many other programs and services! Contact CIS Site Coordinator Cooper Spruill at or 817-698-1316 for more information.