Production and Tech class auditions 2018-2019

Theatre Production Packet

Northwest High School


We are thrilled you are considering an audition for Theatre Production with Northwest Texan Theatre.  We have a tradition of quality productions and award winning plays and musicals.  The production classes are a key part of that success.  These classes work hard every year at improving their acting and technical skills.  Is production class for you?  Here is a description of each of the theatre classes offered.


Theatre Production 1-(Audition only)

This class is for our freshmen and first year Production class students. Students are expected to participate in all class productions as well as the after school productions.  These students work on a high level with the theatre directors and other students to create meaningful art.   We are always glad to work with students involved in other activities.  Communication is key!  This class will participate in a fall production with the intermediate class as well as a production in the Spring.


Theatre Production 1-3- (Audition only) Intermediate-

 This class is for our sophomore-senior students who are hard workers and love creating theatre together.  Students are expected to participate in all class productions as well as after school.  These students should have taken Theatre Production 1 or participated in several high school productions.  This class will take the lead in a fall production and will also have a Spring production.


Theatre Production 2-4- (Audition only) Advanced-

This class is for a select group of sophomore-senior students.  These students have the same expectations as the other classes, but also take on duties of assistant directors, stage managers, production managers and shop managers.  This group has very high expectations.  They will need to maintain a portfolio as well as a play reading log for the year. 








Theatre 1-

 This is for first year Theatre students who love the art of theatre but may not have the time to devote to it after school. A great class for an overview of theatre.

Theatre 2-4-

 These students have completed Theatre 1 and are looking for a challenge in continuing their study of theatre.

Technical Theatre 1-4- (Interview required)

 These students work on all of the technical aspects of theatre from lighting, to sound, to costume and set design.  This is for the student who loves the backstage aspects of theatre and making all the magic happen.


The Audition


If you are an incoming freshman, you will participate in an audition beginning at 4:30 on April 9th at Northwest High School.   In this audition, we will get to know you and ask you to participate in some acting exercises with some of our advanced students.  There is nothing to prepare.  Please wear something comfortable that you can move in.  We will have a short interview time with each student.  The tech students will also participate in the interview process.


For those who will be sophomores, juniors and seniors, we will be conducting auditions during the day on April 9th during Invest, lunches and production classes.  If one of these times does not work out for you, we will see you directly after school that day.

Each student will be given a minute and a half to audition.  In this audition you should slate with the following information:



Pieces you will be performing







There are two options for the audition pieces.  You may perform two monologues or a monologue and a song.  An accompanist will be provided.  It will be ideal for these two pieces to be contrasting.  Please take this audition seriously.  Please dress appropriately for the audition.

Each person auditioning should also submit a printed acting and/or tech resume.  This is an expectation at auditions and could affect your placement in classes.  Preparation is key.


All those auditioning should fill out the form on the next page.

Audition times will be posted beginning April 2nd. Please see the Theatre callboard to sign up


If there are any questions, please contact

Laura Skipper, Director of Theatre

Kristi Mills, Assistant Director of Theatre



















Production and Tech auditions 2018-2019









Cell Phone #_________________________________________________




Are you interested in

_______  Production

_______ Tech

_______ Both


On the back of this paper or on an attached paper please tell us why you want to be a part of technical or production theatre.


Audition pieces (Upcoming Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors only)