Uniform Alterations

Alteration Instructions:

These uniforms are NHS Orchestra property so please be courteous in your care of them. Tuxedos are Dry Clean Only. Dresses can be machine washed and I would suggest hang drying them.

Most uniforms should be able to be hemmed without cutting the material, please emphasize this to your tailor. If the material MUST be cut, it MUST be done so by a professional. Dresses and slacks should be hemmed at floor-length giving you enough clearance to walk safely but not showing skin.

Double-sided or iron-on tape is not acceptable and will NOT be used. This tape leaves residue and can ruin the fabric of the dress or slacks.

If you do not have a tailor, here is the name and location of a Dry Cleaner who also does tailoring. It will take them at least a week to do the hemming so plan in advance. They charge $10 for pants and around $20 for dresses.

Woodland Cleaners
12477 Timberland Blvd
Keller, TX 76248