FUN Music Links

Here are some fun things to try and check out:

Wanna learn to read notes faster? Play this note reading game:
Click here

Do you have an interest in learning more about music theory? Check out or

If you'd like to learn a technique from the pros, check out

If you're looking for articles to read about being a musician, check

Violin Resources as a guest)

Viola Resources

Cello Resources

Bass Resources

The International Music Score Library Project is a place where you can download and print thousands of pieces of music for free, including solo literature as well as chamber music.

Would you like to create your own music but need staff paper?

Don't have a metronome at home?

Looking for music for your instrument? Try

Check out this fun site:

Does music make you smarter?

Need supplies?

(if your neck is feeling sore from soooo much practice, look for a "Strad Pad" at You'll want the medium size elastic one.)