Buying an Instrument

Buying a Step Up Instrument

When parents are ready to purchase a step up instrument they usually ask the same are some answers to commonly asked questions....

#1 We don't recommend that you purchase an instrument until your child has been in orchestra for at least a year. Not only does this give them time to decide if they like orchestra, it also gives them time to grow into a full size instrument. We don't recommend that you purchase a small size instrument because kids grow fast. Before you know it they will outgrow the small size instrument you purchased and you would have to buy a bigger size.

#2 DO NOT BUY INSTRUMENTS OFF OF EBAY or the INTERNET. Internet deals can be wonderful, if you know what you are looking for. In most cases, internet instruments are TERRIBLE. They look great and they have a good price, but they are not worth whatever amount you are paying. These instruments, in a lot of cases, are made from a "wood-like" substance. They don't stay in tune, the bridge falls off all the time, the chin rest comes off, the tuners don't work, the cases fall apart, the bow is warped....the list goes on forever. You will end up spending more money on fixing the instrument to be in working order than you paid for the instrument itself. If you are wanting to purchase your child an instrument, it is better to wait until you can afford a "working" instrument. There are tons of REPUTABLE instrument shops in our area with great instruments to choose from in different price ranges. Please contact Mr. Gemoets for information on music stores.

#3 If you are going to a reputable music store, please let Mr. Gemoets or your private teacher help you! I am available to go to the music store with you to help you choose an instrument in your price range. If I can't make it, music stores will let you "borrow" the instrument for a couple of days. Just bring it up to school and I will evaluate the instrument. There are affordable instruments out there that are MUCH nicer than rentals. They range in price from a little under $1000 to as much as you're willing to spend. I can help you find something that is worth the money you are able to spend.

#4 You absolutely do not HAVE to purchase your child a step-up instrument to be successful in orchestra. But playing on a rental instrument does put them at a disadvantage for things like All-Region auditions and Solo and Ensemble Contest. At the same time, quality instruments are easier to play, nicer to listen to, and will help them advance much quicker. Once you hear the difference between a rental and a step-up instrument, you will realize why we encourage families to look into stepping up.

Please don't hesitate to ask for help or advice when it comes to looking for a new instrument. The experience can be pretty overwhelming because there are so many expensive options. A new instrument does not have to cost an arm and a leg to be an improvement from a rental!! There are many affordable, quality instruments out there you just have to know what to look for and where to look!