NHS Band Handbook

2020 - 2021

Northwest High School

Band Handbook


We are happy to have you as part of the Northwest High School Band. There are great things happening in the program, and we take pride in those accomplishments.

The tradition in the Northwest High School Band is one of exceedingly high standards both as musicians and as citizens. Students and parents will be held to these standards as we constantly strive to improve the quality of music education at NHS, build the reputation of excellence already associated with the program, and represent Northwest High School and the Northwest ISD.

This handbook should serve as a guide to you throughout your year with the NHS Band. It is designed to help you understand how the program is run, your responsibilities as a member or parent, and the policies of the Northwest High School Band program. It is extremely important that everyone associated with the Band has a working knowledge of the information and policies contained in this handbook. As with any successful organization, structure, communication and organization are key, and students and parents of the program will be held accountable for the information and policies that follow.

If you ever have questions that cannot be answered with the information in this handbook, please feel free to contact a director for clarification. We are here to assist you, and we expect you to come to us for help when needed. Email is the preferred method of communication for all of the directors, and we appreciate you using this as your first line of communication when possible. Again, welcome, and we hope you are ready for an outstanding year with the Northwest High School Band program.

NHS Directors

Jim Boulet  - Director of Bands jboulet@nisdtx.org  817-215-0280

Matthew Cho - Associate Director of Bands/Marching Band Director  matthew.cho@nisdtx.org 817-215-0285

Christopher Lennox - Percussion Director
= christopher.lennox@nisdtx.org  817-215-0243

Curtis Green - Color Guard Director curtis.green@nisdtx.org 


General Information

Academic success paired with outstanding athletic and extracurricular programs makes NHS one of the top high schools in the area. Northwest High School Band students leave the program with a sound understanding of correct musical fundamental principles, musicality, and ensemble skills, as well as a strong sense of self-discipline, responsibility, dependability, and the ability to work in both large and small groups to achieve common goals. These skills all lead to success later in life for our graduates in both musical and non-musical endeavors. It is our goal to create lifelong lovers of music who will continue to support music education throughout their lives as a result of their experiences in the NHS Band program.


Our main communication tool is the band website. It contains general information about the program, a complete yearly calendar and announcements regarding student successes and fundraisers. Students and parents are expected to visit this site often to stay informed about band activities.


Charms is the database that we use to store all of our students’ records. Parents and students may access their charms account and update their personal information throughout the year. Group email newsletters are sent through this database, therefore it is the responsibility of the student and the parent to maintain active email addresses in their charms accounts. The student’s financial information is also available through charms. Questions about what a student owes or how much money is due can be answered by visiting your account.


Information will be sent via email to the email addresses listed in students’ charms accounts. The emails are meant to explain or supplement information that is on the band website and announced in classes or rehearsals.

Twitter/Band app

We had great success this past year utilizing our Band app and Twitter communications. These are one-way short, informative texts that come from the teachers and are a great way to get messages quickly to the students.

Ensembles and Performing Groups

Our year is broken up into two main “seasons”, marching and concert season. Marching season runs from the first week of August through the first week of November and encompasses the high school football season and the competitive marching band season. Concert season officially begins when marching season ends, but there is substantial overlap as we begin to prepare for concert season activities during the second half of marching season.

The policy for participation in band is listed below. 

Being a member of the Northwest HS Band, means that you are enrolled in one of the three scheduled band classes that meet during the school day.

The Northwest HS band is the group that attends varsity football games, pep rallies and perform concerts in the fall and spring semesters. ALL students must participate at Varsity games unless they are exempt. (see below)

The Marching Band is the group that performs during halftime of varsity football games, marching contests, and the homecoming parade.

NISD Fine Arts Policy:

Students are exempt from marching band rehearsals and performances if they:

  1. Have a Northwest HS athletic conflict that is the same time as a marching band event. Must provide directors an official NHS athletic schedule.
  2. Have a medical condition that prevents them from participating. Must provide a doctor’s note with the specific reason.

During summer band, we will have specific marching band rehearsal times (usually morning) and Northwest HS Band rehearsals (afternoon). We will provide a very specific schedule to define what those obligations are.

When school starts, during the scheduled band class times, we do technique drills and work on stand tunes which everyone will participate. During class when we work on marching band music, those students not in the marching band, will be allowed to work on All Region or other drills.

 Jazz Band students must be enrolled in a band class in order to be in the jazz class. Exceptions to that rule are people who play piano, bass guitar, or jazz guitar. These people must audition for the jazz director prior to the start of the school year.

Marching Band (Fall/Summer commitment)

The Band, Colorguard, and Drumline are all combined to form the Northwest marching band which represents the band program and the school at football games, pep rallies, parades and contests.

The Colorguard is a visual ensemble that adds to the pageantry and dynamic of the on-field performance of the marching bands. These students earn membership in this group by participating in an audition process in the previous spring semester. Then they receive special training to develop the skills that they use to enhance the marching program. Membership in this group is open to both students enrolled in band and the general student population.

The Drumline is the collective group of percussionists who make-up the battery and front ensemble (or pit) which add pulse, impact, and effect to the performances of the marching bands. Each percussionist participates in their respective concert band after marching season.


Classes Offered

All members of the Northwest High School Band (with the exception of some color guard students) participate in one of three concert bands.

Wind Ensemble: (Full Year commitment) - This band performs the highest level literature and is comprised mostly of mature students. Members of this ensemble are required to participate in all steps of the All-Region audition process, spring semester sectionals and extended class time, concerts, contests, solo and ensemble contest and additional festivals or recording sessions.

Symphonic Band(Full Year commitment) In this ensemble, students perform masterworks that are geared toward preparing them to handle the literature demands of the Wind Ensemble. Members of this ensemble are required to participate in all steps of the All-Region audition process, spring semester sectionals and extended class time, concerts, contests and solo and ensemble contest.

Concert Band : (Full Year commitment) The third performing ensemble at NHS. The curriculum in this class is designed to provide a firm fundamental foundation for tone, technique and ensemble skills. Music performed will challenge students on their listening and matching skills, as well as introduce and perfect new styles while increasing range demands. Students in this ensemble are required to participate in extra night rehearsals, concerts and contests. 

Percussion: (Full Year commitment) Known as the Drum line in the fall, these students learn all aspects of percussion playing through technique master classes as well as percussion ensemble pieces. In the fall, percussion students are required to participate in all drum line rehearsals, contests and extra performances. In the spring, these students will have extra rehearsals in conjunction with the Percussion Concert, a concert designed to showcase their skills. Students are required to participate in all aspects of the All-Region audition process. All percussionists will participate in the solo and ensemble contests in the Spring.

Color guard/ Winter guard: (Full Year commitment) Overseen by the Mr. Green our color guard director, this class is taught by a talented team of contract instructors. In the fall, members perform with the marching band. At the conclusion of the marching season, they audition for placement in the Winter guard which practice both during and after school and compete in local and national level contests. Instrumentalists are eligible to participate in color guard as well.

2020 - 2021 Northwest HS Bell Schedule - Bands






Jazz Band
Color Guard/Winter Guard







@ Middle Schools/Travel
 3rd @ Middle Schools 11:05

 4th @Middle schools/Travel

 11:55 12:40
 5th Lunch  12:45 1:30

Symphonic Band/Percussion 1:35 2:20


Wind Ensemble/Percussion




Concert Band




Private Lessons

The single most important factor in the development of a truly outstanding band program is the development of the individual players. Private lessons are the most valuable tools we can offer our students to aid in their progression through the program. All students are strongly encouraged to take private lessons. There are many opportunities in the area for student musicians to study privately with professional teachers. Lessons are $20 per lesson, once a week. Information on how to enroll will be distributed during the first week of classes. A limited number of scholarships are available for those in need. Please talk to your band director to obtain the appropriate forms.



Students receive grades in three different categories: performances, playing tests and participation. The performance category includes all marching band and concert performances throughout the year. Playing tests contain specific skills that the students are required to perform for a band director, staff member or student teacher.

Playing tests will have specific due dates. Students will have the opportunity to pass off music in class or submit playing assignments in google classroom. However, if the standard is not met, the student will need to schedule a time with their director to complete the requirement.  Multiple opportunities are available for passing off objectives. The last type of grade is the participation grade which can include, class participation, supply checks, theory worksheets, vocabulary tests and other  assignments.

General Rules/Behavior Expectations

There are several different sets of rules and expectations for the different scenarios that apply to the NHS Band. In general, all NISD and Northwest High School regulations and the Code of Conduct will apply at all NHS Band events from the classroom to out-of-state travel. In addition:

  1. All NHS Band students should demonstrate the highest level of integrity and good citizenship at all times (in or out of uniform).
  2. NHS Band students will treat all adults and authority figures with respect at all times.
  3. NHS Band students will represent the band program, Northwest High School, and the community with pride and dignity at all events, public or private.
  4. NHS Band students will serve the program and the school when called upon and support the spirit of community within the program.

Attendance Policy

All students in the NHS Band are required to participate in the marching band as well as a concert band/color guard/percussion class and must attend all required rehearsals and performances. All rehearsals and performances are listed on the band calendar posted on the band website. Performances include but are not limited to football games, marching contests, parades, pep rallies, as well as concerts and concert band, percussion and color guard contests. Students and parents are responsible for checking the calendar and scheduling work, medical, dental, and other appointments, as well as trips, in times that do not conflict with scheduled rehearsals or performances.

It is not acceptable for students to miss a rehearsal or performance for non-emergency medical, dental, orthodontic or other appointments. College visits, blood drives, work, club meetings, tutorials, church, other non-school related activities and transportation problems will not be considered excused absences or tardies.

Teachers generally provide before/during and after school tutorials. Ask your sponsor about alternate club meeting times. Private lessons, and conflicts with other UIL activities (choir, football, volleyball, etc.) will be evaluated on an individual basis and allowances may be made for missing a portion of a rehearsal for these reasons. Any student who does not comply with the band rehearsal and performance requirements may  be reassigned or removed from the program at the directors’ discretion.


Competition Marching Band Attendance Policy

In order to retain a spot in the  competition Marching Band, a student cannot miss rehearsal. This includes all morning, after school, evening practices. If you attend school that day, you are expected to come to marching rehearsal unless cleared by a director.

Procedure for reporting an absence

If a student is ill and unable to attend practice, they should notify the director of their band class prior to the start of practice. Upon returning to school, they will need to produce a doctor’s note that can be kept on file as documentation of the absence.

In the event of a family emergency, we ask that the student email the director of their band class when possible. The above absences are excused absences. In these cases the students need to make every effort to learn any material that they missed as soon as possible so that they do not fall behind.

Communication from the student is the key whether the absence is excused or unexcused. Clarification of facts is very important in many situations as we progress through marching season.


All Region Audition Commitment

Students in the Wind Ensemble are required to try out for All Region Band. Symphonic Band and Concert Band students are strongly encouraged to learn the All-Region Music for a place in one of the bands as part of their curriculum.


According to the UIL rules that govern all UIL activities in the state of Texas, students must be passing all classes with a 70 or higher at the UIL designated checkpoints throughout the year in order to participate in performance events (usually every three week). It is the student and parent’s responsibility to consult eSchool Plus Gradebook, progress reports and their other teachers to ensure that the student remains passing. Students that lose eligibility will not be allowed to participate in pay performances, such as football games and the Ensemble Showcase /Concert, contests, including All-Region Band, Solo and Ensemble and Marching/Concert Band Contests, any trips taken in the fall or spring and various other performances. Ineligible students must attend all practices and are still eligible to participate in Pep-Rallies and non-paid concerts, such as the winter and spring concerts. In the event that a student becomes ineligible, a band director will inform them of their expected performance involvement.

Any student that becomes ineligible may be reassigned during the fall or spring semesters at the discretion of the band director.


Policies for Facilities and Equipment

There is to be no food, gum, candy, or drinks (other than water) in the band hall at any time unless specific permission is given by a director or teacher.
  1. Do not abuse or misuse any NHS Band equipment including, but not limited to instruments, chairs, stands, risers, podiums, tuners, lockers, etc. Any student found doing so may be required to purchase replacement equipment or pay to repair the equipment at the directors’ discretion.

  2. Instruments are to be kept in their cases (closed correctly) in the correct locker at all times when not in use or at home. Do not leave instruments or cases sitting out in anywhere in the band hall at any time.

  3. When possible, each student will be issued a band hall locker. This is for storage of the following, and only the following: instrument (in case), music (in binder or folder), flip folder (marching season only), current day’s rehearsal clothes/shoes (marching season only, must be removed after rehearsal, not allowed to stay overnight), water jug for that day’s rehearsal (marching season only, must be removed after rehearsal), items needed for performance or other event later that same day (red bags, concert tux, etc). School books, jackets, etc. may only be in the locker during the student’s band class, rehearsal or sectional and must be completely removed after class or the sectional is dismissed. Any items not listed above will be confiscated and disposed of properly. This may result in losing locker privileges.

  4. All students are encouraged to provide locks for their lockers and must bring the combination to Mr. Cho prior to putting the lock on the locker. If at any time a lock is found that does not have a combination on file, it will be cut off and discarded. The NHS Band is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Do not leave valuables unattended, and lock your locker every time you open it. 

  5. Instruments are to be kept clean and in correct working order at all times. Failure to do so by a student using a school-owned instrument may result in a fine and/or loss of the privilege of using the instrument. Failure to take proper care of a school-owned instrument (handling, storage, etc.) may also result in fines and/or loss of use of the instrument. 

  6. Non-percussionists should never touch, play or move any percussion equipment without specifically being told to do so by a director or percussion section leader. 

  7. Do not play on or handle another student’s instrument unless specifically asked to do so by a director.

  8. Practice rooms are for practicing, play–offs, and private lessons or help session only. Priority is given to those students and teachers having private lessons. Do not create unnecessary noise or disturbance in the practice rooms or practice room hallways at any time.

  9. Only band students are allowed in the band hall. Do not bring people who are not in the band with you, and if you see someone who shouldn’t be here, ask them to leave or to see a director.

  10. The directors’ offices are private. Do not enter unless asked to do so by a director. Always knock on the door and wait to be waived in before entering.  

School-Owned Instruments

Students who play the following instruments will have one or both of their instruments (concert and marching) provided for them by the school: oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet, tenor sax, bari sax, French horn, bass trombone, euphonium, tuba, and percussion. 


These instruments can be rented from the school for the fee of $25.00 for this year only. This fee covers both the marching and concert horns if applicable and is due at the beginning of the school year or upon issuance of the instrument. Though issued to individual students, these instruments remain the property of Northwest High School and the Northwest ISD. No student or parent will take any action on a school-owned instrument without the express permission of a NHS band director. This includes repair, maintenance, modification, replacement of parts, etc. Any student or parent not satisfied with the brand, quality, age, etc. of the instrument issued to them may waive their right to rent a school horn and provide their own instrument for usage. No previously paid instrument rental fees will be refunded in that situation. Any student found misusing, abusing, or failing to maintain and care for the instrument properly may  have their use of the instrument revoked. Instrument rental fees are non-refundable.


Fees, Expenses, and General Supplies

Each student will be required to pay/purchase the following except where indicated as optional or only required for specific groups, etc. The fees are due at band registration and periodically throughout the year. Families that are experiencing financial difficulties should consult a band director to discuss payment options. Color guard and Drumline students may be responsible for additional items or fees.


Summer Camps
  • Summer Band Camps: A vital part of the Northwest High School Band program is Summer Band Camps. These camps are held annually (traditionally the first few weeks of June and August) before the start of the school instructional calendar. Students must attend the entire Summer Band Camp to be eligible for membership in the cpmpetition band. Excused absences from the camp are based solely at the Directors’ discretion.
  • Drum Camp: An integral and necessary part of the Northwest percussion program are the Summer Drum Camps. The 2 camps are held every year in June and mid-July.
  • Guard Camp: The color guard also meets on its own during two separate week–long mandatory summer camps. During these camps, members learn valuable equipment and movement fundamentals that are vital to their success as performers. Students that miss any instructional time during this week may be assigned to alternate positions by the director for all or portions of the varsity show marching band show.

Chain of Command

In any large organization, structure is the key to success. The “Chain of Command” exists to help everyone understand the structure of the administration of the program. It is important for all members and parents to understand the “Chain of Command” as it is in effect throughout the year. However, due to the incredibly busy schedule and large number of people involved at one time, the “Chain of Command” is especially important during marching season. Although the directors would be happy to deal with each individual’s issues personally, they are far too busy and could not possibly answer the questions of 180 students and their parents each time they should arise. This is especially true on performance or event days. Students and parents are expected to use this tool whenever possible to convey information, seek clarification on certain topics, or to have questions answered.

  1. Band Members/Parents

  2. Section Leaders

  3. Drum Majors

  4. Marching Techs/Student Teachers/Guard Techs, Percussion Techs.

  5. Band/Guard Directors


Marching Band Rehearsal Policies

  1. All students must wear appropriate, loose-fitting clothing to rehearsal. Shorts, short-sleeved shirts, socks and tennis shoes are the only acceptable clothing items. It is also recommended that students wear light colored clothing, sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen. No long pants, jeans, long sleeves, or heavy clothing will be permitted on the marching field during weather where the high temperature for the day will reach 90 degrees or higher.
  2. Every student must bring his or her own insulated water bottle to each rehearsal (put your name on this!). Frequent water breaks are given as hydration is the key to having a successful marching season in the Texas heat. Students should also drink water frequently throughout the day both before and after rehearsal in order to maintain proper hydration. Eating well and often will also increase the student’s ability to cope with the extreme heat. (Milk is a BAD choice)
  3. All rehearsals will begin and end at the scheduled times. Any student not completely ready for rehearsal when it begins will be considered tardy.
  4. Students are not permitted to leave early from rehearsal unless specific permission is given by a director.
  5. All students are required to have the following supplies at each rehearsal: pencil, necessary music, drill charts (if applicable), instrument and all related equipment/supplies.
  6. In the event of extreme heat, heavy rain, lightning or other circumstances that may interfere with our normal rehearsal, the directors have many options, and rehearsal will almost always go on. Never assume that a rehearsal has been cancelled for any reason, especially inclement weather. ***The NISD policies on heat and lightning will be observed when applicable.
  7. All students are expected to demonstrate correct rehearsal etiquette at all times when rehearsing with the NHS Band. Students who consistently talk, fail to pay attention, or disrupt or prevent the learning of other students will not be allowed to participate in rehearsal.


Performance Day Procedures and Policies

Any appearance of the NHS Band in public constitutes a performance and reflects on Northwest High School, NISD, and the community. It is important to remember that the appearance and actions of individual members will directly affect the image of the NHS Band, and all members should strive to project a favorable image at all times. For any performance, students will be notified of a “call time”, location, uniform requirements, required materials, and an approximate end time. It is the student’s responsibility to plan and manage time correctly in order to be on time to call time (it is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes before call time in order to assure that you are ready and counted on time). Students are also responsible for making sure they have the required uniform parts and materials for each performance (or pre-performance rehearsal). Any student who does not have all of the correct uniform parts or required materials will not be allowed to participate in the performance. We do not send parents or students back to retrieve items from the band hall once we leave the school. Plan ahead!!! No food or drink is to be brought to or purchased at any event unless supplied by the band boosters or given permission from a director. Students are not permitted to leave early from performances without specific permission from a director. The request to leave early must be submitted in writing or email from a parent or guardian 24 hours in advance before the call time of a performance and must be approved by a director prior to the event.

Marching Band Performance Rules

** “Uniform” refers to the full marching band uniform, half uniform (full uniform minus shell, hat, gloves and gauntlets), the summer uniform (band t-shirt, khaki shorts, marching shoes), or any attire that the band wears as a unit.

  1. The chain of command is always in effect.
  2. All uniform parts must be worn correctly at all times. Students are not permitted to wear uniform jackets or pants unzipped, pants straps down around their waists, any socks other than solid, dark black, or shoes other than the standard issue black marching shoes. Students will be expected to follow these instructions the first time they are given. Students will not wear anything on, over or in addition to the specified uniform unless specific permission to do so is given by a director. Students who do not wear their uniforms correctly may not be allowed to perform and could have their class grade lowered and band status changed as a result.
  3. Conduct while in uniform is to be calm, mature, and appropriate at all times. No profanity, inappropriate behavior, or public displays of affection will be tolerated at any time.
  4. There is no eating, chewing gum, or drinking anything other than water while in uniform unless it is provided by the band as a part of a band function. Do not accept food, drink, etc. from parents or anyone other than designated band personnel during any performance event.
  5. No running or horseplay at any time when in uniform.
  6. Students’ hair is to be completely off the collar and concealed when wearing the band shako. Ladies will wear their hair in a high bun, using gel and hairspray to eliminate any fly-aways. Hair must be performance ready at call time.
  7. No colored nail polish or visible jewelry is allowed while in uniform.
  8. When in a performance situation, students will only play when we play as a group unless otherwise instructed by a director.
  9. Students are to remain with the group at all times unless specific permission is given by a director. Bathroom visits, etc. will all be administered and monitored by staff members or student leaders. No student is to be away from the group at anytime without permission.
  10. Students should always be aware of their surroundings and conduct themselves and their conversations as if everyone around them (including directors, parents, and visiting parents and guests) is listening. Do not engage in conversation or behavior that could negatively impact the image of the Northwest High School Band.
  11. Only members, staff members, parent chaperones, and invited guests of the NHS Band will be allowed in the stands or with the band at any performance event unless specific permission is given by a director.
  12. All students must participate in all aspects of each performance event as directed.
  13. Always follow the instructions of any authority figure the first time they are given. 


Travel Guidelines

The Northwest Band is constantly on the move, and it is important that we maintain our high standards and favorable image everywhere we go. All NISD, NHS, and general band rules and guidelines apply when the band travels. 

  1. Always wait for instructions from a band director before loading, unloading, moving, or taking any kind of action. Never assume that you know what we are doing. We will always give you the information that you need to know.
  2. There will be no food, gum, candy, or drinks other than water at anytime while on a bus (in uniform or out) unless specific permission is given by a band director. Parent chaperones are not permitted to provide candy, etc. to students while on the bus.
  3. Students will treat all authority figures with respect at all times. This includes directors, staff members, student leaders, parent chaperones, and bus drivers. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  4. Phones may only be used with individual headphones that are not audible to anyone but the user.
  5. Students are to be silent at any time when on a bus in a parking lot. It is vital that the bus drivers are able to communicate to get our large caravan to each location safely. Likewise, students will be silent any time a bus must stop at a railroad crossing.
  6. Students are to remain seated (on your “seat”), facing forward at any time when the bus is in motion.


Marching Uniform Guidelines and Policies

The NHS Band is very proud of its marching uniforms, and we expect students to

take care of them so that they will last for years to come.

  1. Bring all personal uniform pieces to and from school as needed. Do not leave socks, shoes, t-shirts, shorts, etc. in the band hall when not in use. 
  2. Hang all pieces of the uniform bag correctly and store your uniform on the correct rack at all times when not in use. If you take the uniform home, you are responsible for bringing it back when needed. 
  3. When wearing the uniform, wear all pieces correctly (no pants straps around your waist, jackets unzipped, etc.).
  4. Follow uniform crew instructions at all times.
  5. Do not attempt to clean, wash, alter, or repair your uniform without the proper instructions from a band director or a “uniform mom”.
  6. Do not eat, chew gum, or drink anything other than water while in uniform unless specific permission is given by a director. (See the Performance Rules section for more “don’ts” while in uniform.)
  7. Students who damage or lose any part of the uniform are required to pay for repair or replacement of the part or the whole uniform.


UIL or Contest Concert Attire

For competition (UIL, Band Trip) , all NHS Band students will the wear proper “concert attire” listed below.

Gentlemen will wear:

Tux Jacket & Tux Pants (can be provided) White Tuxedo Shirt (NOT PROVIDED), Black Bow Tie, Black Cummerbund, Solid Black Socks, Solid Black Dress Shoes (marching shoes are acceptable) Students are responsible for providing the tuxedo shirt, black socks, and black shoes.  Students who lose or damage any part of the tuxedo may be required to pay to repair or replace them.

Ladies will wear solid black dress, professional concert attire: Provided

The following items are acceptable and expected for all girls:

  • Black closed-toe dress shoes

Students who lose or damage any part of the dress may be required to pay to repair or replace them.


Concert Etiquette

Unfortunately, young people (and adults) in today’s society are seldom exposed to formal concert situations, and most are unaware of the standards of appropriate behavior for such events. Concert etiquette is based on showing respect for the performers and for others in the audience as well. In our efforts to provide our students with a thorough music education, the NHS Band directors insist that all of our students and other audience members observe the following practices (please help educate those people that you invite to our concerts that may not know any better!):

  • Arrive at least five minutes prior to the published start time of the event in order to find your seat.
  • Only enter and leave the performance space between pieces or between bands. Never enter or leave while a band is performing.
  • Focus your attention on the performers at all times. Do not talk during any performance or create any distractions (candy wrappers, etc.).
  • Noisy children should be left at home. If you must bring them, sit near the back where you can make a quick escape, and take them out immediately if they become noisy.
  • Applause is welcomed and expected. However, cheering, whistling, etc. are highly inappropriate (remember…you are not at a football game or a rock concert).
  • Cell phones  must be turned off and not used inside the call time or performance space.