Northwest HS Marching Band - 2020

If you or your child filled out the form to eat meals prior to the 5 games, please be sure to either send cash, check (made out to NHS Bands) or pay that fee prior to the first game on Friday, September 25th.

Next week’s schedule

  • Monday, September 21st – Uniform fittings before and after school.
  • Tuesday, September 22nd - Uniform fittings before and after school.
  • Wednesday, September 23rd - Uniform fittings before and after school.
  • Thursday, September 24th – Morning practice 7:15 – 8:00 am. Uniform fittings after school.
  • Friday, September 25th – Morning practice 7:15 – 8:00 am. NO UNIFORM FITTINGS!!!

Game 1 info - NHS vs. Frisco Memorial - Friday, September 25th = Game starts at 7:00 PM. – NISD Stadium 

4:00 pm = school is dismissed – students can go home and eat, change into uniform and then meet us at the stadium. Unlike the past, we will not rehearse at TEXAN stadium, so you have time to leave and then meet us at the NISD stadium. Be sure you take your instrument, uniform and all materials.

  • All students driving themselves or being dropped off MUST park or be dropped off by TEXAN stadium and walk over to the NISD stadium. You CANNOT be dropped off by the NISD stadium!!!
  • We are only bringing the small band trailer, so you are responsible for taking instruments on the bus or in your own vehicle. Only Sousaphones and large percussion instruments can be loaded in the small trailer.

5:35 pm = Students who are not able to go home, the band boosters will provide a box meal. You must pay the $40 meal fee before the first game to qualify for the booster provided meal. We will not be using the student union to eat in this year, so you will have to eat outside the building for the 5 games. You will change into your uniform after you finish

6:10 pm = Bus transportation to and from the stadium will be provided at each game for people who can’t drive or get a ride. Only for people who signed up. District regulations regarding seat spacing and wearing a mask will be enforced.

6:20 pm = All students will meet on the home side of NISD stadium already dressed, in your black face mask, (can be provided), bibbers (pants), black band shirt, marching shoes, and long black socks. You should also have your red NHS Band water jug with ice and water already in it. We will have some ice water for you to replenish your jug after halftime, but not enough to initially fill your jug.
Your required red band bag should have the following supplies:

  1. Shako (hat)
  2. Black/Red Shako Wrap
  3. Black/Red Uniform Shirt
  4. Black/Silver uniform shell.
  5. Flip Folder and LYRE (clarinet, saxophones)

6:30 pm = set up band in reserved portion of stadium. Spacing is regulated by UIL and masks must be worn on at all times when not playing.

6:45 pm = Play Star Spangled Banner, School Song, and Fight Song.

7:00 pm = game begins

10:00 pm = game is usually over.

  • If you drove yourself, you are dismissed. Uniforms are to be taken home and hung up properly in your garment bag. DO NOT leave them in your car!
  • If you rode the bus to the game, you must ride the bus back to the school. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! FYI – when the game is over, all students who are riding the bus back to school will wait behind the goal post and walk to the bus with the entire group. A director will lead you back to the buses. YOU are responsible for unloading your equipment. Bus riders will hang their uniform up on the racks in the band hall.

Feel free to park in the bus loading area behind the band hall, but PLEASE avoid the lane directly behind the band hall.  This is where the truck will pull in.  There is also a lot of student activity, and it is just safer for everyone if you avoid this area.

All students MUST be picked up by 20 minutes after the bus pulls in to the parking lot at NHS. Make the proper arrangements ahead of time.

Rehearsal Schedule 7:15 – 8:00 a.m.

  • Thursday, September 24th - EVERYONE – Review Marching Basics
  • Friday, September 25th – Drill team and halftime practice
  • Thursday, October 1st - EVERYONE – Review Marching Basics
  • Friday, October 2nd - Drill team and halftime practice
  • Thursday, October 22nd - EVERYONE – Review Marching Basics
  • Friday, October 23rd - Drill team and halftime practice
  • Thursday, November 5th - Drill team and halftime practice
  • Friday, November 20th - Drill team and halftime practice


2020 Home Football Schedule





September 25th (Friday)

Frisco Memorial

NISD Stadium


October 2nd (Friday)

McKinney North

NISD Stadium


October 23rd (Friday)

Arlington Heights

NISD Stadium


November 5th (Thursday)


NISD Stadium


November 20th (Friday)

Brewer (senior night)

NISD Stadium



Color Guard interest form (google sheets) Click on the link below