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Attendance Secretaries:

To report an absence for alphabet A–l:     
monica borg

To report an absence for alphabet m–Z:    
Yescenia Rodriguez


If you go to a doctor and/or health care provider, a note signed by the provider must be provided to the attendance office upon your return to school.

When returning to school after an absence, a student must bring a note signed by the parent.

A student is considered absent if he/she missed more than 20 minutes of a class. Only a principal, their designee, or the attendance secretary may excuse an absence or tardy.

If a student must leave early and is driving:

  • A guardian/parent must send a note or e-mail to appropriate secretary at least 1 hour before the student is to leave campus.

  • Every attempt will be made to verify that it is a parent. 

  • If bringing a note, the student needs to bring the note to the office before school. 

  • When a student leaves campus they MUST sign out in the West Office.

  • We cannot accept phone calls requesting early release.

Students are expected to remain on campus until the end of the school day. 

Student Safety and Checkout Procedures for NHS

Student safety is our primary concern, including accountability for students during the school day.

Early Release Requests:

·    Parents/guardians should email the attendance clerks at least 1 hour before the dismissal request.

·    All parent/guardian emails must be received from an email address that we have on file.

·    A pass will be prepared and waiting in the Attendance Office for your student to pick up during passing periods or during their lunch period. It is the student's responsibility to stop by the attendance office to pick up their pass.

·    At the appropriate release time, the students will show the pass to the teacher and come to the office to check out. 

·    Student drivers MUST sign out with the Office before leaving campus. Failure to check out with the Office will result in disciplinary action.

·    Parents who are picking up a student will come to the front door to show ID and wait outside for their student to meet them.

·    We cannot accept phone calls requesting early release.


Walk-in Early Release Requests:

·    If you are coming in person to pick up your student, please have your identification (Driver’s license) ready to show the Front Office personnel.

·    Walk-in requests for check-out will not be taken after 3:30 PM.

·    Please plan time for us to run a pass to the student’s class and notify the student you are here as well as traffic delays in the area.

·    Anyone picking up a student, other than a parent/guardian, must be listed as an Emergency contact in the student’s file. 

Please email your early release request to the appropriate email and allow ample time for dismissals (at least 1 hour before). Due to the volume of emails we receive, there may be a delay in preparing a pass for your student. Please send request as early in the school day as possible. 

Early release emails:

·    A – L

·    M – Z

Students who are ill:

·    If your student is feeling sick, please have them go to the Nurse’s Office.

·    The nurse will call if your student needs to be picked up from school.

Reporting a student absence.

Please send an email to the Attendance Office (email addresses above) to let us know that your student will be absent for the day. We must have this information in writing.

Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Request

VOE/TEA POLICY (For Obtaining or Renewing a Driver's License)

NHS students can request a VOE form in the Office and then allow 24 hours processing from time of request.

In order for a student to obtain a Verification Of Enrollment and Attendance Form (VOE/TEA Form) to obtain a driver's license, the student must be in attendance for 90% of the days the class was offered in the previous semester. For example, if the student is seeking a VOE/TEA Form for the Spring, issuance of the form will be based on attendance of each class in the previous fall semester. We cannot issue a VOE form to students who were not enrolled in NISD during the previous semester of the request due to our inability to verify attendance. 

Requirement to receive a VOE/TEA Form to obtain a driver's license are as follows:

  • Any student who was in attendance 90% of the days the class was offered in the previous semester will be eligible to receive a VOE/TEA Form.
  • Any student who has passed all classes and has not exceeded 20 total class periods above the 90% criteria set by the state may be allowed to make up the periods missed to clear the excess absences will be eligible to receive a VOW/TEA Form.
  • Any student who fails at least one course and has not attended that class 90% of the days the class was offered will not be eligible to receive a VOE/TEA Form.
  • Any student who has exceeded the maximum of 20 class absences above the 90% criteria set by the state will not be allowed to make up the excess class absences and will not be eligible to receive a VOE/TEA Form.

TEA Policy States:

19 TAC, Subchapter C. - 61.43 Absences - a student must be in attendance 90% of the days the class is offered. If a student has a absences that the district recognizes as excused or as an extenuating circumstance and the student satisfactorily makes up work missed, the student shall be considered in attendance for the purpose of computing compulsory attendance and for the driver's license eligibility.

The VOE document is a governed record as defined under the Texas Penal Code 3.01(2). Any misrepresentation by the applicant or person issuing the form may result in denial of the application for a Texas driver's license and/or criminal prosecution.

In accordance with The Safety and Driver Education Division of the Texas Education Agency, the following is stated about the TEA policy on the issuance of VOE/TEA Forms:

School enrollment and attendance as a condition of licensing a student to operate a motor vehicle applies to persons under 18 years of age unless a high school diploma or its equivalent has been obtained.

Schools can issue a VOE form to students who fail a class if the student attended at the minimum of 90% in each class they were enrolled. School cannot issue a VOE form to students who fail a class if the student failed because they did not attend the class a minimum of 90%.

The student must present their NHS student ID when signing and picking up their VOE. The VOE may be picked up in the West Office before school, during lunch, or after school. A VOE is valid 30 days from the date it is signed by the receptionist.

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