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Seniors 2024

Stay up to date on on all senior activities: 

Senior Class of 2024 Website

Senior Year Checklist

Important dates: 

Saturday, May 4
     8:00PM: Senior Prom
Wednesday, May 15 
     8:30AM: Graduation practice followed by Senior Picnic
     1:30PM-3:30PM: Legacy Awards followed by Senior Walk on Campus
Wednesday, May 22
     7:45AM: Senior elementary school walks (You will be excused from 1st period)
     7:30PM-9:00PM: Senior Sunset 
Tuesday, May 28
     8:00AM: Seniors arrive at UNT Coliseum
     10:00AM: GRADUATION!!! 

Seniors: Report your Scholarship Offers

Attentions Seniors!

Have you been offered any scholarships? We need to know for our total scholarships number for the NHS Class of 2024! Seniors who earn and report scholarships will be recognized at Legacy Awards and in the Graduation Program.

Please use this form to report your scholarship offers:

Class of 2024 Scholarship Offer Reporting Form

What counts? Any offer of payments for tuition, housing, books, and expenses from a University or private entity. If you are offered in-state tuition to an out-of-state school, that works, too!

Send all offers, even ones you don't plan to accept.

Deadline to turn in scholarship documentation is May 1, 2024