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Seniors: Final Transcript Reminder

All final transcripts must be requested through Parchment.  If ordering now, be sure to select "Hold for Grades" options.

Transcript Request

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Welcome New Texans!

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New Texan Welcome Letter


The Texan Counseling Department supports students in reaching their highest potential for a successful future through collaboration with students, families, staff and the community.


The Texan Counseling Department strives to inspire, motivate, and guide students on their journey to become empowered TEXANS for life.  Using a comprehensive counseling program, we will cultivate an environment that fosters life-long learning, resilience, leadership and integrity.

Schedule Change Guidelines

Any student/parent initiated schedule change must be completed by the last day of the prior school year. The Principal or designee must approve all schedule changes that occur after the last day of school, and only in the case of improper academic placement in a course.

Only schedules that meet the following criteria will be considered for changes:

- A change is needed to balance a class size.
- Seniors not enrolled in a course REQUIRED for graduation.
- Students scheduled in a course for which they already have credit.
- Student is enrolled in a course for which the student does not have the prerequisite.
- Student has an incomplete schedule.
- Student enrolled/not enrolled in an application/audition course for which they were approved.
- Student has failed a course and needs to repeat the course.
- Change is needed as a result of a credit earned in summer school or correspondence course.

Request to Exit Honors/AP/Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Courses:

Students may submit a request for a level change during the following times: - August 1 through 4:00 PM the second Friday in August.

- Exit Window will open again after the first three weeks IPR and close at the end of the day on September 25th.
- The last five days of the first semester.

Exit Guidelines for Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment Courses

1. Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment withdraw dates vary by institution. It is important that you pay close attention to your institution’s guidelines for your withdraw decisions. In some cases you may be issued a WD (withdraw), WP (withdraw passing), WF (withdraw Failing) or other coding that will affect your college transcript. High School counselor (or designee) approval required.
2. Students who withdraw from a dual credit class for which there is a Honors or AP equivalent will be given the option of moving into those classes or into an on-level class. The withdrawal grade earned in the exited class will be substituted for assignments missed.
3. Students who wish to withdraw from a dual credit class for which there is no non-dual credit equivalent will be placed in another course for which they may or may not receive high school credit towards graduation.
4. All dual credit and OnRamps courses require tuition payment. Failure to pay your tuition prior to the school or college deadline will result in the student being automatically removed from the class.

Requests that meet the established guidelines stated above can only be approved if there is a class available and the change does not exceed the class size limit designated by administration.

For complete Schedule Change Guidelines, please see the NISD Academic Planning Guide.