Where is the STEM Academy located?

STEM is located at Northwest High School.

Can I attend STEM if I live in the HS zone for Byron or Eaton?
Yes, you will be transferred to the NHS campus for all of your classes, activities and events.

Will transportation be provided?
Yes, there are Durham buses for academy kids from all areas of NISD. These buses only run during regular before/after school times. They do not run early or late enough for practices.

Who can apply for STEM?

Any 8th grade student in NISD. Or any new student who just moved to the district and has been in a STEM environment previously.

When can I apply for STEM?
Applications open in the fall of each year and close several weeks after. Applications will reopen in the spring if there are available spots.

Can I participate in extra curricular AND be in STEM?
YES! You can participate in many different activities and still be a successful STEM student. We have students who are in athletics, band, choir, dance etc. for all four years of their high school experience.

If I am in STEM, do I have to take my core classes through the STEM Academy?

Yes, the academy is a school with-in a school model. All of your core (math, science, English, social studies) courses will be taught in the STEM Academy as  PBL course.

Can I take AP and/or Dual Credit courses?

Yes, students are able to enroll in courses outside the academy if they are not offered inside the academy.