Northwest HS Bands - Week of October 19th

Because of reasons beyond our control, the team on the schedule for next week’s homecoming football game is unable to play. There will be no game this Friday, but we will have our normal scheduled practices on Thursday and Friday morning from 7:15 – 8:00 A.M.

All homecoming activities have been moved to the November 5th (Thursday) game against Crowley. 

Eligibility – Any student not passing all their classes on the report card will lose eligibility to perform at the next football game. Students in Pre AP or AP courses must have a 60 or above in that class to remain eligible. All other classes must be a 70 or above. Click on this hyperlink for specific dates and info regarding eligibility =Northwest ISD eligibility calendar


Marching Band Rehearsal Schedule 7:15 – 8:00 a.m.

  • Thursday, October 22nd - EVERYONE – Review Marching Basics
  • Friday, October 23rd - EVERYONE- Review Marching Basics
  • Thursday, November 5th - EVERYONE - practice with Drill team and go through halftime procedures
  • Friday, November 20th - EVERYONE - practice with Drill team and go through halftime procedures

If the team advances to the playoffs, we will communicate that schedule to everyone when it is made available to the directors.

We have been having issues with attendance from students during the marching band portion of the Fall. Please read through the following guidelines as listed in the band handbook.

Attendance Policy

All students in the NHS Band are required to participate in the marching band as well as a concert band/color guard/percussion class and must attend all required rehearsals and performances. All rehearsals and performances are listed on the band calendar posted on the band website. Performances include but are not limited to football games, marching contests, parades, pep rallies, as well as concerts and concert band, percussion and color guard contests. Students and parents are responsible for checking the calendar and scheduling work, medical, dental, and other appointments, as well as trips, in times that do not conflict with scheduled rehearsals or performances.

It is not acceptable for students to miss a rehearsal or performance for non-emergency medical, dental, orthodontic or other appointments. College visits, blood drives, work, club meetings, tutorials, church, other non-school related activities and transportation problems will not be considered excused absences or tardies.

Teachers generally provide before/during and after school tutorials. Ask your sponsor about alternate club meeting times. Private lessons, and conflicts with other UIL activities (choir, football, volleyball, etc.) will be evaluated on an individual basis and allowances may be made for missing a portion of a rehearsal for these reasons. Any student who does not comply with the band rehearsal and performance requirements may be reassigned or removed from the program at the directors’ discretion.


Marching Band Attendance Policy

In order to retain a spot in the Marching Band, a student cannot miss rehearsal. This includes all morning, after school, evening practices. If you attend school that day, you are expected to come to marching rehearsal unless cleared by a director.

Procedure for reporting an absence

If a student is ill and unable to attend practice, they should notify the director of their band class prior to the start of practice. Upon returning to school, they will need to produce a doctor’s note that can be kept on file as documentation of the absence.

In the event of a family emergency, we ask that the student email the director of their band class when possible. The above absences are excused absences. In these cases the students need to make every effort to learn any material that they missed as soon as possible so that they do not fall behind.

Communication from the student is the key whether the absence is excused or unexcused. Clarification of facts is very important in many situations as we progress through marching season. 


2020 Home Football Schedule





November 5th (Thursday)


NISD Stadium


November 20th (Friday)

Brewer (senior night)

NISD Stadium



Color Guard interest form (google sheets) Click on the link below