Scholarship Drawer

Attention! Most of the scholarships are posted to E-Scholarships(#1 on the list below.) This is a different way of looking at the scholarship drawer than in years past.

First things first--have you applied for the general scholarship at the college to which you are headed? Statistically, you will get the most money from your selected schools. To see how to apply for those, go to the individual college's website and look for the key words of financial aid and/or scholarships.

For scholarships from other organizations, please look at these GREAT scholarship databases:

1. E-Scholarships USA!--This is NHS's Clearinghouse for scholarships we have found! Great resource. 

2. Fastweb- far and away the largest database of available scholarships 

3. The Collegeboard- Did you know that you can register for the SAT, search for scholarships, and research colleges all in one place?