Green Cord

Northwest ISD “Green Cord” Challenge

Community Service Award Program


What is the NISD “Green Cord” Community Service Award Program?

The “Green Cord” Community Service Award Program is an initiative designed to help high school students gain a sense of community service, pride, and ownership. The program is a way to encourage 9-12 grade students to contribute at least 100 hours of approved community service per school year. Students meeting these requirements will be recognized as Green Cord award recipients in each high school year they complete 100 or more hours. Students meeting and/or exceeding requirements for community service (100 hours per year):  

  • Will be awarded a Green Cord certificate each year.
  • Will have the opportunity to purchase a Green Cord patch for their Letter Jacket. Additional Green Cord pins can be purchased for additional years.
  • Students earning their 4th Green Cord will be recognized at the Board of Trustees Awards.
  • Senior year, graduates will have the option to purchase a “Green Cord” for each year of achievement (100 hours/year) to wear during their high school graduation ceremony.
  • A special mention will be made in the graduation program for students who complete the Green Cord program all four years of high school.


Who should participate in the program?

All Northwest ISD 9th – 12th grade students are encouraged to participate in this community service program for personal satisfaction, community service recognition, and to enhance their college admissions and scholarship opportunities. Our goal for all students in NISD is to serve our community and develop Global Good Citizens.


  Why volunteer in your community?

  • Through volunteer service, people can strengthen and improve the quality of life within their communities and help themselves and others to live happier, healthier and more productive lives.
  • Volunteering is beneficial because it builds self-esteem, passes on social values and instills the responsibility of a personal commitment by giving back to the community through service.
  • Community service hours can be used for college and work applications.
  • Volunteer work can introduce you to a future career and give you valuable experience and insight.
  • To Be College and Career Ready.


What types of service will qualify as community service?

Only those hours performed by a student without compensation at an approved 501(c) 3  will qualify for community service approval. Any community service hours performed as a part of a court order, or similar judgment, will not be counted toward the student’s Green Cord hours. There is an almost endless list of volunteer opportunities for students. For a suggested list of examples that could be approved community service activities, please refer to the chart on page 2 of this document.


Transfer Students

A transfer student may participate in the “Green Cord” program. The 100 required community service hours may include approved hours earned while attending the previous high school. It is the student’s responsibility to provide adequate documentation of the approved hours.


National Honor Society, PALS, & STUCO Hours

Students who earn community service hours in NHS, PALS, and STUCO can use those for Green Cord too. As long as the community service hours meet the Green Cord criteria.


How does the process work? How do you submit hours?

See you campus website page titled “Green Cord” for information and directions to submitting Green Cord hours. Students entering their Freshman (9th grade) year may begin accruing community service hours starting May 1st of their 8th grade school year.


New Users:

  1. Go to and click JOIN.
  2. Type in your School Name and click Search.
  3. Type in your Last Name and Student ID.
  4. Enter the remaining profile fields.
  5. Set your interests and skills and click proceed.
  6. Set a password, select your group and check the required boxes to complete your registration.
  7. Log in and view your Dashboard.

Existing Users:

  1. Go to
  2. Click LOGIN
  3. Enter Email that is used in x2VOL and Password (If the student doesn't know their x2VOL password, they can reset it on the login page.


When do the 100 hours of community service need to be completed?

To be counted toward the annual “Green Cord” award, hours must be turned in by April 15. Hours can be earned from May 1 to April 15.


Do activities/events/organizations need to be pre-approved?

Established 501(c) 3 organizations need no pre-approval. However, if the student doesn’t know whether or not the intended organization has a 501(c) 3 status, he/she should check with the Green Cord sponsor prior to volunteering to guarantee approval. Questions can be addressed by e-mailing your Green Cord sponsor.


In any volunteer situation, it is important to adopt certain safety practices. Never allow yourself to be left alone or placed in compromising situations. If you feel your safety may be compromised at any time, excuse yourself from the volunteer activity and report the occurrence to your sponsor.  If there is an immediate emergency, call 911. 


Examples of Community Service (what is/not acceptable toward hours)




All non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organizations, church activities that take place outside of the worship service, helping at a campus other than their own, local hospitals, etc.

Individual fund-raising, babysitting your neighbor’s child for free, working as an intern without pay, volunteering during the religious service time, or club meetings or affairs.

Hours earned the summer after 8th grade; and turned in on time

Hours turned in after the 30-day time period or after the April 15 deadline

Hour-for-hour volunteer time

Double hours promised by sponsor

Church support related activities – (mission trips, singing with choir at nursing homes, etc.). Max of 25 hours for trips.

Teaching religion, singing or playing an instrument in the church choir during worship, or other activities during the church worship time.

Volunteering outside the student’s scheduled school day, hours done after senior release (seniors must attach copy of schedule to verify).

Helping a teacher during class; volunteer time that is part of the course requirement, work done during the school day that it not sponsored/approved.

Teen Court – youth volunteer, not serving as a resolution for a ticket and consequence.

Teen Court – time served for breaking the law.

Hours that are properly documented (that include the date, description of activity, organization name, contact name and information) submitted by the April 15 deadline.

Hours with incomplete information, that cannot be verified, or that were submitted after the April 15 deadline.

Most school day events/activities that are sponsored & approved where students give of their own time.

Hours completed during time you receive compensation.

School Events During the School Day


Many school events/activities are approved for students to earn volunteer hours during the school day, if they serve as tutors during lunch, iNvest/PrimeTime/Eagle Time, or where they are giving up their own time to help others. A teacher needs to sponsor the event/activity and have approval from the Green Cord sponsor.





What should you expect from the organization as a volunteer?

  • To be advised of the agency’s standards, guidelines, and expectations
  • To be given meaningful assignments
  • To be given a clear statement of tasks to be performed
  • To be informed of organizational policies and procedures
  • To be given effective supervision
  • To be recognized for work performed


What is expected of you as a volunteer by the organization?

  • To be reliable to your commitment
  • To work within the guidelines and standards of the agency
  • To accept and follow directions of the agency staff
  • To make sure you understand the directions given to you and seek clarification, if needed.
  • To actively perform tasks to the best of your ability
  • To provide feedback to the agency staff
  • To report any problems to the agency staff
  • To represent the school and yourself in an exemplary manner
  • REMEMBER: Volunteer work is just like a paid job. Dress appropriately and be on time.


Green Cord Guidelines

  • Join the Green Cord Group in x2vol each year
  • Hours will not be carried over from year to year; everyone starts each year with zero hours. Do not turn in old hours (hours can only be accepted for current school year)
  • Hours MUST be submitted within 30 days of the service. All hours completed by April 15 (no exceptions).
  • No more than 60 hours will be awarded for work associated with your home campus or NISD (please note that peer tutoring, PALS, clinical rotation, early childhood, or any other class for which you receive a grade will not be counted towards Green Cord hours).
  • No more than 40 hours will be awarded per location and organization service.
  • A maximum of 25 hours will be accepted per church program, other types of camps, or single events (i.e. but not limited to: vacation bible school, technology camps, mission trips, homecoming, etc.).
  • No volunteer hours will be accepted if done during a church worship service time (This includes but is not limited to Sunday School teacher, singing in the choir, working in the nursery, etc.).
  • No volunteer hours can be earned during club meetings or club affairs.
  • Parents cannot sign as a sponsor for their child
  • Hour for hour service (no double hours as promised by teacher or sponsor)
  • If it is found that you have falsified any part of your form/service, you will be dismissed from the program
  • Students are responsible to clear up questions and to check their hours and report any problems at that time


Suggested Timeline for Success – Make a Plan, Work the Plan!


May - August

Complete & Submit 25 hours of community service during the summer.

Sept. – December

Complete & Submit 50 hours of community service during the fall.

Jan. – March

Complete & Submit 25 hours of community service during the winter.


Additional time if needed. Submit all your hours before April 15

May 1st

Register for the new year


Do not wait until the end to submit hours. Submit your hours digitally throughout the year. You must submit your hours within 30 days of the community service. Do not submit your hours until you have completed the actual community service.