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National Exams: SAT / Subject Tests & ACT

Two of the most common and most important high school national exams are the SAT and the ACT Assessment. These standardized tests not only measure a student's academic capabilities, but they also act as a major influence in college admissions.

A question commonly asked is what is the difference between taking the SAT and ACT - and should you take both? 

The tests you take will probably be determined by the requirements of the colleges you would like to attend. Most accept either test, the SAT or the ACT. Some colleges prefer one or the other, so check the catalog or admission procedure section of the college or university information book to make sure you know exactly what tests you are required to take. If you take the exam more than once, most colleges will consider your best score and not be concerned about how often you took the test, although we recommend you not take the test more than three times - and never without doing some preparation before each new test. Just re-testing without preparation will not usually increase your score, and it could go down.

SAT Test Dates & Registration 
ACT Assessment Test Dates & Registration

Should I take the SAT Subject Tests?

SAT Subject Tests are not required by all schools. Competitive colleges usually require the writing and math tests and ask you to choose a third test. Many Texas colleges require that you take the writing and math SAT Subject tests. Check admission procedures to find out if you have to take them.
You have to register to take the SAT Subject Tests. They are not a part of the standard SAT exam, but they are usually given on the same day and at the same place. Each test lasts one hour and you can take up to three of them on a testing day.

SAT Subject Test Dates & Registration 

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Students may be exempt from the TSI:
Student is exempt on the basis of SAT scores (less than 5 years old)  480 Critical Reading and 530 Math.
Student is exempt on the basis of the ACT (less than 5 years old) with a minimum qualifying score of 23 composite, with 19 English and 19 Math.