NHS Crime Stoppers Student Board of Directors 2012-2013

The Sponsor (Laura Ingram, Joel Johnson, Kaci Cook) serves as advisors to the student board and liaison between the school administration and students, educating the students on campus rules and policies, setting meeting locations, and implementing procedures for reward payouts.

The Law Enforcement Agency often selects a program coordinator for the law enforcement position. Generally this is the school resource officer (Quigley) since he or she is knowledgeable about the campus and administration.

The Coordinator (Mike Conklin) must possess strong communication skills, work well with students, and have the respect of the students and administration. The coordinator attends all student board meetings and informs and instructs board members about crimes and laws that students violate. 

The Student Board of Directors organizes advertising, marketing, fundraising, writes the bylaws, and creates awareness of the program on campus. Most importantly the student board discusses crime information and determines reward amounts. The students never know the informant’s identity and never investigate crimes. 

The School Administration, Faculty and Staff, Law enforcement, and Students play an integral role in educating the campus about Crime Stoppers - its program and unsolved crimes. All entities work together to create a safe campus community.