Amateur Radio Club

Northwest High School Amateur Radio Club

N W 5 H S

Amateur Radio Station NW5HS is the call sign issued to the Northwest High School Amateur RadioClub by the Federal Communications Commission. The club station is available to all licensed amateur radio operators in the Northwest High School community, whether they are students, staff, faculty, or parents.. The club is sponsored by Wayne Day, N5WD, an extra class amateur radio operator, and a Life Member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association.

We are in the process of re-starting the club in the 2015-2016 school year. We will be having the first membership classes during the first part of January 2016. If you're interested in joinng the radio club or enrolling in the license class, contact Mr. Day in Room 812-A, the ACP computer lab..

A Blast from the past... 

On January 15, 2008, 27 NHS students earned their Technician class amateur radio license. The students are all enrolled in Mr. Day's engineering class. 

Included in this picture are: 

Zachary Gierisch KE5SCM
Colton Johnston KE5SCO
ChristopherRobinson KE5SCQ
Paul Baumy KE5SCT
Kevin Schwoerer KE5SCV
Andrew Calderon KE5SCX
Matt Sanderson KE5SCZ
Garren Wilson KE5SDB
Lea' Graham KE5SDE
Jorge Colmenero KE5SDG
JoshuaGreenbergb KE5SDJ
Brad Eichenseer KE5SDL

Ian Ferrell KE5SCN
Jordan Gregory KE5SCP
Chance Daniel KE5SCS
Kyle Rushnell KE5SCU
Robert Brown KE5SCW
Brandon Pace KE5SCY
Freddie Main KE5SDA
Lucien Fluty KE5SDD
CourtneySims KE5SDF
Austin Kasper KE5SDH
Brian Szydloski KE5SDK
Brad Eichenseer KE5SDL