NHS Book Club 2016-2017


NHS is part of the NTXLIB Book Battle, that will take place March, 2017 (more details to follow)

BOOKLIST: you must read all books to be eligible to compete for a spot on the team.

**students should review book content with parent if needed; the list is non-negotiable, but students do not have to become an expert on every book.
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You can download the books if you want to read offline. Titles will disappear after two weeks.

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Bookclub Schedule of Events Archives (2013-14)

October 15– Meet and greet! See how many people will be in each lunch period. Go ahead, get a book ready! We’ll be doing a booktalk next meeting, and you’ll be leading it!

November 15- Booktalk first, then onto technology! Bring your netbooks – I’m going to show you some very interesting sites we’ll be using. Time to create online!

December 14– Let’s make some Christmas cards or something crafty! Using old magazines and books, let’s create a project to send out to someone you love. We can display them as well before you take them home (also think book art!!)

January 15– We’re back at school over a long holiday. Let’s create an edible book! Everyone will create something baked that is theme-related to a book they read over the holidays We are going to YAKfest instead! See you there!!!!

February 15– It’s Poetry Month! Black out poetry to commence!!

March– Spring Break (unless you want to meet!) Let’s watch book trailers during lunch. You get to choose 2-3 to show on Youtube on the big screen!

April 15– Testing time, I know….to help break up the monotony, we’re going to blind date a book. Everyone will take a book they loved, wrap it in brown paper wrapping, and another person picks. Be ready to share what you chose and your experience on your “date”

May 15– end of school is near!! Time to celebrate the first year of our book club! It’s up to you collectively what you’d like to do on this date, but let’s focus on words, writing, books et alJ